Upcoming and most recent changes


Things we got planned for Kyber Knights

UI Update – March 2020

We are completely revamping our User Interfaces for the Player, the Operator and spectators! The new interfaces will be more streamlined and most importantly super easy to use.

The update will include some major quality-of-life improvements for those who wish to give the players more control. All the nifty features like automatic matchmaking are still available for those who want to use them but the default settings are now more “set it and forget it” -friendly.

We are super excited for the update and can’t wait to hear how you like it!

New Characters – Q2 2020

We got new characters in the making! As you can probably decipher from the image these ones will focus more on different kinds of player mechanics.

During the course of implementing new characters we are naturally also improving the current ones and working on balancing.

New Maps and Gamemodes – TBA

Is there more we need to say? Expect new and exciting ways to play Kyber Knights!


Recent changes in Kyber Knights

Patch notes v1.0

Graphics update: Final models added!
Added menu button: client can leave the match by holding either of the menu buttons (top button on Vive wand)

Some players suffer from short teleport as if they were crouching.
This is fixed by using the “calibrate” button in the lobby or respawn room.