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Designed with the first timer in mind

Kyber Knights is sure to entertain everyone regardless of VR or video game experience. The game has no confusing menus that players need to go through and has only two controls: move & shoot.

The game currently has three playable character classes and two gameplay modes: deathmatch and team deathmatch.

Experienced players will learn to utilize the different classes in order to gain an advantage on their enemies and turn the tide!


The Squire

The Squire is a classic damage dealer armed with a lethal crossbow.

A well balanced character that is a great choice for first timers and seasoned veterans alike!

The Knight

The Knight is a well built tank character equipped with a massive shield and a splash damage dealing cannon.

Protect your teammates with your shield and face your enemies head on! 

The Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor is a nimble healer equipped with an accurate syringe gun.

The small shielded Plague Doctor is vulnerable but has the ability to heal himself and allies by shooting at them!

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