Easy to operate – stop wasting time and nerves!

Quick and easy

With Kyber Knights you don’t have to worry about your customers messing up with any settings you don’t want them to. Changing the game settings and starting a match can all be done via the host computer by you – the arcade owner.

Naturally if you want the players can also be allowed to change these settings themselves.

Less time setting up – more time playing!

The game is currently played only in LAN and matchmaking is automatic. When the first player starts the game they automatically host a new server for others to join.

After starting the game the players are automatically spawned into a tutorial lobby where they can try out the controls and different character classes. And by the magic of automatic matchmaking they’re all together and can start having fun immediately!

Operator Manual

Want to learn all the great little tricks you can do to make Kyber Knights the perfect for your needs?

License Kyber Knights

Kyber Knights is currently available for licensing throught these platforms

Using another platform?

Let us know and we can find out if we can offer Kyber Knights to you through that platform!