A VR Multiplayer Game for Arcades

Kyber Knights is a fun and easy multiplayer game developed exclusively for VR Arcades.
Simple controls and an easy to control Operator View make this fast paced shooter a great choice for Location Based VR.

Simple and addictive gameplay

Kyber Knights is a fast paced multiplayer shooter with a SciFi/Fantasy theme. The game has three playable characters with their own weapons and unique playstyles.

Simple controls make Kyber Knights easy for even the first time VR players. Shoot with the trigger, teleport with the touchpad – that’s it! No difficult menus or special abilities, just some sweet action.

Easy to operate

We know the troubles with many other VR multiplayer games in the Arcade setting. Getting players through an insane amount of difficult menus, making sure everyone follows the instructions and cursing out loud when someone ends up playing with complete strangers instead of their own group.

Kyber Knights avoids all this by giving the control to you – the Arcade owner! Players launch straight into a LAN multiplayer lobby and they don’t need to go through a single menu to start playing and having fun with each other.

By an Arcade for Arcades

We know the hassle it is to operate an Arcade – we do so too!

Portaali, our own Arcade, has been open since July 2017. We’ve got a big focus on B2B sales and we do a lot of company events. Big companies enjoy playing together and because of this we’ve tried many different multiplayer games trying to find a perfect one that would be easy to operate and well suited for beginners and experienced VR users alike. When we couldn’t find one we decided to make one!

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